Farm Wisconsin Discover Center

The Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center is a 29,000 square foot, state-of-the-art agricultural education center located in Manitowoc County. We provide visitors with the opportunity to better understand where their food comes from and why agriculture is so important to them. The Discovery Center features hands-on learning opportunities, a birthing barn where visitors may watch calves being born daily, and an opportunity to tour a local farm to learn about Wisconsin’s rich farm history. Here in Wisconsin, one of the most important states to the agriculture industry, we have a unique opportunity to lead the way in educating and engaging this rapidly growing group of people with the first-ever Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center. Farm Wisconsin will educate visitors of all ages about how and where their food is produced and why agriculture is important. Spend the day learning and exploring at Wisconsin's premier non-profit, agricultural education center. See baby calves being born, climb on-board a combine simulator, and learn how your food gets from the field to your table.