Shine On, You Quirky Diamond.

There is only one Fond du Lac, but there are a whole lot of facets. There is the great outdoor element, which includes the largest inland lake in the state, scenic vistas, rivers, parks and farmland, that invites you to relax and explore. And our recreational opportunities call you out to go boating, fishing, paddling, golfing and more.

There’s also a big city vibe – but not so sophisticated that you need to worry about it. There is nightlife way beyond just beer and cheese (although the beer and cheese are darn good). There are waterfront restaurants, events of all sizes and a thoroughly engaging downtown with a growing, vibrant arts and entertainment district.

Above all, there is the welcoming, authentic spirit of the place. We invite you to embrace all we have to offer. And we will embrace you back. Not in a creepy way, you know. In a comfortable, friendly, Fond du Lac way you’ll never forget. C’mon In!

Fond du Lac Does Districts

In New Orleans, the city’s districts are known as “parishes.” In New York, they have “boroughs.” In Paris, they have “aronde…” um, “arrondiss…”… a fancy French word. Here in Fond du Lac, we call them districts, because we’re straightforward and authentic. And our seven primary districts help guests navigate through the area and find the cool, unique attractions that abound in each.
Check Out Our Districts
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Lakeside Park

This place is a blast, especially for families, kids and silly grown-ups who like splash pads, petting zoos and such.

Lakeside District
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Hotel Retlaw

Class, style, luxury, dining & cocktails. Maybe the most fun you can have in heels or a dress shirt.

Downtown District
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Radisson Hotel and Conference Center

Lots of room for activities! Over 24,000 square feet of event space and over 300 guest rooms. No bunk beds, though.

Conference District
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Dock Spiders

Top college players from around the country swing for the fences. You eat hot dogs and drink beers. Perfect.

Campus District
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Blue Line

Whether you’re a triple-lutzer or slide on your buttzer, this Family Ice Center is the place for families and folks to enjoy ice sports.

Fairgrounds District
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Open Road Harley

Ready to feel the thunder ‘twixt your legs? No, I mean are you ready to ride a motorcycle? Here’s the place to straddle your dreams.

Mall District