How to Make a Glacial Impression

First, have your glacier shape a dramatic escarpment that stretches 1,000 miles to Niagara Falls. Have it carve a huge basin that leads to the Great Lakes, and create tracks and landforms in and around a massive forest. Then, as it recedes, have it leave behind a wetland of global importance. That’s how we did it. And you should see what it does for the Lake Winnebago Region!

Thrills & Chills at Every Turn

From lake to ledge, from woods to wetlands, from quaint to quirky, this place will just fill you up with things to see, feel, do and remember. It’s like sensory overload, in the best way possible. Just take it all in at your own pace – you’re always welcome back.

Lake Winnebago

For fisherman, paddlers, families, and breezeheads who want to play on a big league beauty of a lake, Winnebago isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.

The Lake

Niagara Escarpment

1000 miles is pretty long, as escarpments go. But our stretch of it, which we call the Ledge, stands out as pretty darn spectacular.

The Ledge

Kettle Moraine

Some people can’t see the Kettle Moraine State Forest ‘cause all them trees get in the way. But that’s OK. There are lots of hiking and biking trails, hills and towers, campsites and beaches, so you can have a good time while you keep lookin’.

The Woods
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Horicon Marsh

On the one hand, the Marsh makes you stop and think about how vital this area is to supporting abundant, diverse wildlife. On the other, you just want to be in the moment and enjoy, as you bike, birdwatch, paddle, ski or hike.

The Wetlands

Fun on the Farm

Touch the land, sample its riches, meet farmers and their animals, and maybe even hop on a hayride. It’s all here in some of Wisconsin’s finest farmland, orchards and ranches.

Rural America