Time To Get Rural, Earl

The lakes, forests, and towns of the Lake Winnebago Region are packed with opportunities for relaxation, shenanigans and adventures. But don’t forget to make time for AG-ventures! There are a whole bunch of farms, orchards and ranches around here where you can connect with farmers (they’re truly the salt of the earth, by the way), their land, and their lifestyle.

Meet farm animals (like baby goats) and exotic animals (like llamas, alpacas and your occasional emu) up close and personal. And all that fresh air works up a pretty big appetite, so dig into fresh fruits, veggies, baked goods, and other pick-your-own goodies like, you know, fudge. You also can find petting zoos, hayrides, guided tours, children/school tours, gift shops, and if you look closely, cow pies.

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