Niagara Escarpment

This thing is huge. It’s historic. It spans nearly 1,000 miles in an arc across the Great Lakes Region into Canada, and it has influenced weather patterns, wildlife species, and human civilizations and cultures for millennia. And in Niagara Falls, it has influenced honeymooners to go back to the hotel room and change out of their soaked clothes. So yeah, the Niagara Escarpment is kind of a big deal.

We locals call it “the Ledge” because we’re modest, middle-of-the-country folks who believe if we boast about something, it could just go away. This isn’t going away, though. Our stunning stretch of the Ledge is located just east of Fond du Lac, where it also has a profound effect on people, whether they’re hiking or trail biking, contemplating its sheer magnificence, or simply getting the lay of the land, a memorable glimpse of our corner of Earth from above the trees.

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