Downtown District

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Downtown District

Imagine being in Times Square on New Year’s Eve! OK, that’s like the opposite of downtown Fond du Lac. But there is a real energy here, more contemporary and cool than you might think. Come shop, browse, eat, drink, socialize and celebrate in our “mid-town,” and enjoy the historic feel and plenty of green space when you’re ready to park it. Warning: you may be accosted by friendly locals who might smile and chat.


Follow Main Street through the center of the city.


The ”fancy“ Hotel Retlaw, meticulously restored to its original Roaring Twenties splendor • The superb Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts, or THELMA as the natives call it • Specialty Shops • Taverns and eateries • Hamilton Park • The Lake Winnebago Region Visitor Center.


Extend your pinkies and admire works of art at our many galleries ​• Catch a live performance by a nationally renowned touring group or check out the current exhibitions at THELMA • Tour the timeless Tiny Taverns • Shop around for all of your one-of-a-kind gifts • Fine-dine at Theo’s 24 • Pamper yourselves with a weekend stay at the affordably swanky Hotel Retlaw (and check out the smoked bourbon spirits at the Lobby Bar) • Be absolutely wowed by the Cellar District Restaurant – a re-imagined turn-of-the-century church now a contemporary dining experience • And don’t miss February’s Sturgeon Spectacular Winter Festival!

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