Rock River Trail

The Rock River Trail Initiative is establishing a Rock River Water Trail along the 320-mile river course from the headwaters in Fond du Lac County to the Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois on roads and trails within the river corridor to provide access for all to the natural resources, recreational opportunities, scenic beauty, and historic and cultural assets of the Rock River Valley. The Rock River offers a widely changing landscape through it’s 320 miles. Kickstands up, or tops down, pick your wheels of choice and head out to explore the 11 counties and 37 charming river communities along the way. Each region has it’s own character, history, and special features to discover. You’ll find candy shops where chocolatiers are concocting decadent treats using tried and true, old-world methods. Or follow your nose and step into an aromatic bakery or popcorn shop. Or chill out with a scoop of freshly made ice cream or other delicious frozen concoctions in many of the shops. Drive it. Bike it. Kayak it. Hike it. Canoe it.