Automobile Gallery

Launched in 2016, The Automobile Gallery occupies a building that was home to Denil Cadillac, a historic and prestigious Green Bay dealership between 1958 and 1997. Two decades later, William “Red” Lewis, a Green Bay native and innovative entrepreneur, was inspired to convert the deteriorating building into a gallery for automobiles that integrated event and meeting spaces. Many of the automobiles themselves have come from a private collection, but most of them have been donated to The Automobile Gallery is dedicated to the enjoyment and enrichment of its visitors and the community. The Automobile Gallery’s lighting, décor, and arrangement have been designed with an intention to maintain a sharp focus on the automobiles themselves. The space is open and respectful — more Guggenheim than garage – creating a unique viewing space to showcase the rotation of vehicles on display. And while the automobiles are the focal point, the building itself has received critical recognition of its own for its design and appearance. The Gallery is located in downtown Green Bay, where the Automobile is the Art.