Tiki Beach at Kettle Moraine

The Tiki Beach Resort is open on any warm sunny day over 70 degrees and always open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. They feature over 500' of sandy beach, full size artificial palm trees, white coral rock, an inflatable water park feature, boat, kayak, and paddle boat rentals, and a beach side restaurant and spectacular Tiki Bar right on the beach! There is volleyball, carnival kid games, and tons of activities for kids to enjoy. There is free live music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all day, night, and summer long! There is no fee to use the beach and swim, but there is a strict policy of no carry-in of food and drink (their beach is their restaurant and bar)! Their menu includes pizza, burgers, grab and go, appetizers, and sandwiches/wraps. They are the best mix of kid and family friendly, day club, and motorcycle destination.
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