Ledgerock Distillery

The distillery destination in your own backyard! Ledgerock Distillery is a Wisconsin-proud distiller dedicated to creating delicious, all-natural spirits for those who appreciate the personal touch. They’re among the first farm distilleries in the state growing, distilling, and bottling their spirits on-site. They grow their grains and distill their spirits on the farm, ensuring a hands-on, down-home quality from start to finish. See every step of the process—from the fields where they grow the wheat and corn to the storing facility and fermenter to the bottling and labeling center—and learn why Ledgerock’s spirits are naturally delicious. They have Vodka “Traditional” which is perfect for mixing or enjoying on its own. Their Back Forty Moonshine is great for sipping or mixing into your favorite cocktails. Frostbite Gin—genuine Wisconsin gin. Enough said. Their Farm Boy Bourbon has turned out to be a great “wheater” if they do say so themselves. The Retzer Farm Bourbon, named after the family farm, can be enjoyed on the rocks or as the base of a great cocktail. Finally, they have limited runs of Ledgerock Corn Whiskey. Please visit their Facebook page for all of their upcoming events.
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