Dale & Candi’s Cedar Lodge Restaurant

Dale & Candi's Cedar Lodge Restaurant has been a mainstay for excellent food on the east side of Lake Winnebago since the doors opened in 1988. Family owned and operated, their menu ranges from homemade bread and soups, to juicy steaks and succulent shellfish. All dishes are prepared to order with only the freshest and finest ingredients. With an extensive menu to choose from, their nightly menu is packed with dozens of choices from which to choose and their Sunday breakfast is unsurpassed. When it comes to steak, Cedar Lodge serves only the finest cuts. Then, a very special blend of seasonings is added to lend unique flavor while still allowing the natural properties of the high quality, choice beef to be enjoyed to its fullest. Choices include slow roasted prime rib and perfectly seared filets to tenderloin tips and bone‐in rib eyes. Salmon, Gulf Shrimp, South African Lobster Tails, and Jumbo Scallops all kick off an extensive seafood menu, masterfully prepared to retain all the rich flavorful goodness and freshness. Menu favorites include pecan‐encrusted sea bass to “Friday Night“ lake perch breaded to perfection. Pork, chicken, and nightly specials round‐out the areas most extensive menu. And it all starts with their famous fritter!