Airy Point Farms

Airy Point Farms is run by the Sippel Family in Saint Cloud, Wisconsin. By trade, Derek is a dairy and crop farmer and Nicole is a Certified Veterinary Nurse. They welcomed their own little pumpkins thereafter, and since then have loved watching them grow to help them in the garden and caring for the animals even more than we ever could have imagined. Together, their family has provided sunflowers and pumpkins for family, friends, and local businesses for a number of years. In 2020, they decided to make an official name for ourselves and expand to grow local flowers for bouquets through summer as well as additional pumpkins, squash, and gourds in the fall to decorate and bring joy to the homes and businesses of family, friends and community members. They would love for you to follow along with their journey as they grow, and please reach out if you have any questions about Airy Point Farms or specific interests such as bouquet subscriptions, local flower arrangements or pumpkins for events and weddings, bouquet bars for showers, etc! They would love to hear from you - Thank you again for supporting your local farmer and community!