C’mon in. A flippin’ awesome place to visit!

Here’s the thing about the Lake Winnebago Region, it’s stuffed to the gills with scenic beauty, history & vitality, food & drink, culture & events, and people too nice for their own good. A welcoming lakeside destination includes Fond du Lac, Waupun, the Kettle Moraine State Forest, glimpses of the Niagara Escarpment, and the renowned Horicon Marsh. A truly pleasant surprise. A humongous diamond in the rough. A dash of eccentricity. So gear up, chill out and C’mon in.

Destination Guide

Choices Up the Wazoo

So what’s your pleasure? You want to get out there and fish? Golf? Windsurf? Would you prefer a relaxing stay in a first class hotel, eating great food, taking in some art, history and wine. Wanna grab a couple, two, three beers? We’re very accommodating around here. That’s why we made it real easy for you to browse and choose.
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Nature Is Calling

Step out. Breathe in. There’s a big, honkin’ world out here waiting to fill your senses and get you moving.

Great Outdoors
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Spirited Adventures

Sometimes just finding a great place to hang out is an adventure. Visit our vineyards, drop in on our distillery, grab a cocktail in our hotel lobby, or dial it back with a brew in one of our fine dive bars.

Wine, Bourbon + Brew