How Locals C'mon In

Patrick Creed, Steven Arndt & Socks

  • Owner-Botanicals Floral Studio

1. What were the last two restaurants in the Fond du Lac Area that you had an amazing meal at?
From the heart of downtown Fond du Lac's resurging arts & entertainment district to the vibrant east side of town and out into the Holyland, there are so many great places to dine so this is a hard question! The two "go to" places for many people that live in Fond du Lac are probably our favorites as well and that would be Sebastian's Steak House and Backyard Grill & Bar.

2. Describe the Fond du Lac Area in a few sentences.
Very friendly and safe! In fact Fond du Lac is consistently named one of the safest metropolitan areas in the United States. And as owners of Botanicals Floral Studio we come in contact with so many folks on a daily basis from so many walks of life; we are always taken with the fact that this is such a welcoming and friendly town!

3. If you could have a $1,000 shopping spree, what local stores would you choose to shop at?
As You Wish, Cujak's Wine Market and Fond du Lac Seafood.

4. What is your favorite season and what is that "one thing" you absolutely have to do every year in that season?
Summer and we love to go swimming. We have really great pools in the area including Taylor Park Pool which is special because it is outdoors in the middle of a beautiful park and is an Olympic size pool with 6-50 meter swim lanes. Also High Cliff State Park has a wonderful beach.

5. What is your favorite historical site in the Fond du Lac Area?
So much of Fond du Lac area history is found at the Galloway House and Village and Blakely Museum on the city's southeast side. But this is not just a run-of-the-mill museum. The restored Victorian Galloway House is in what is essentially a recreated village and is the site of 25 historic buildings that have been moved to this location and lovingly restored. The Blakely Museum houses a collection of local artifacts and materials from the estates of leading figures from the area.

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