How Locals C'mon In

Betsy Kelley

  • Front Store Manager
  • (Kelley Country Creamery)

1. What is your favorite way to spend a day with the family?
Nothing beats packing a picnic lunch, enjoying a competitive game of football with the cousins and ending the day roasting marshmallows, reminiscing and storytelling around a campfire at Mauthe Lake in Fond du Lac County.

2. What is your favorite way to spend a fall day?
Taking a drive out on the country roads to a hidden gem called Hamburger Haus and enjoying a juicy burger and great Wisconsin cheese curds, then continuing the beautiful drive through the Kettle Moraine enjoying the changing of the leaves and of course one last stop up the east side of Lake Winnebago for a ooey, gooey Little Farmer caramel apple, delicious!

3. What is your favorite way to spend the day with friends?
We like to start the day enjoying a great cup of coffee in the neat atmosphere of the Gift N' Gab in Pebbles. Then we head downtown Fondy for lunch, a mouthwatering Mexican entrée and an Old Fashioned at the Main Exchange. Just a few doors down the street we treat ourselves to every women's delight, a new purse at Lillians. To satisfy that late afternoon sweet tooth craving we head out to Wisconsin's top ice cream shop, according to USA Today, Kelley Country Creamery to tantalize our taste buds.

4. What is your favorite local festival?
To start off my summer with a bang, I round up my good friends and head out to Lakeside Park for the annual volleyball tournament at the famous Walleye Weekend. I always have to get the walleye sandwich and stop by Dicks Concessions for a strawberry and cotton candy shaved ice.

5. What is your favorite local parade?
The best parade in Fond du Lac County is in Eden, or as we call it The Garden of Eden. To beat the dog days of summer, I head to the Garden of Eden on the first Sunday in August to support the annual Eden Fireman's picnic and parade. My Friday night starts with delicious fish fry, then Saturday morning the Eden 5K Run and I finish the day with a cold beer while watching Oil Can Harry on the Main Stage. Lastly, I love watching the fantastic hour and a half long exciting parade and getting a belly full of all the candy thrown out at the parade.

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