How Locals C'mon In

Keywon & Rachel Brown

  • Keywon, FDL Police Officer/Computer Forensic Specialist; Rachel Brown, Pharmacy Supervisor

1. Where is your child's favorite place to have fun and why?
Our children absolutely love going to the Fond du Lac Fairground's pool! During the beautiful summer months they constantly ask to go swimming and the look on their faces when you walk from the locker rooms into the pool area is amazing. Their eyes widen and their bodies start to wiggle as they see all the excitement. Kids are splashing in the pool and playing with the water games. Others are courageous and sliding down the huge waterpark slides and they can't wait to get in themselves. All of this right here in our own backyard!

2. What is your favorite way to spend a day with the family in Fond du Lac or Lake Winnebago Region and why?
With our children being so young, going out and being active is key to keeping ourselves entertained. So we often make our way to the Lakeside Park Playground and the kids take off playing hide and seek and tag with the other little ones in the park. It's simply amazing the beautiful playground equipment that our Lakeside Park Playground has! There are huge clubhouse type slides and a brand new zip line!

3. What is your favorite season and what is that "one thing" you absolutely have to do every year in that season? Why?
Winter in Fond du Lac is just a gorgeous sight that you have to see for yourself. Seeing the beautiful snow sticking to the historic buildings and trees downtown is breathtaking. Then driving down the streets that are lined by trees on both sides truly brings it all together. But we have to make our way, each year, to places like the Buttermilk Creek Park hill to go sledding! And anytime of the year is a fun time at the Children's Museum of Fond du Lac!

4. What are your two favorite places to eat in Fond du Lac or the Lake Winnebago Region, favorite thing(s) to eat at these establishments and why?
There are just some days where the age old question of where to go eat does not go on for long. Somehow we end up at BackYard Grill & Bar or Downtown Deli To Go! What delicious foods these home grown local restaurants have! From BackYard Grill & Bar's Southwest Salad, fall of the bone ribs and flavored butter that come with the rolls to Downtown Deli To Go's delicious chili, quiche and sandwiches. Especially as a family, it is important to be able to be in an atmosphere that welcomes our children!

5. Describe the perfect date night in Fond du Lac or Lake Winnebago Region?
When I am hoping to give my wife a beautiful night out, I have to think of a place that I know she will enjoy. So of course when we imagine a night out that means dinner at Casa del Tequila. Their Mexican cuisine is fresh, delicious and authentic. And the atmosphere is electric. From mariachi bands singing and playing music, right at your table, to the amazing chimichangas and made fresh at your table salsa, there is no better place for a romantic night. But with so much artistic culture, we are sure to venture to one of the galleries! Fond du Lac has it all!

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