Get Outdoors! Go...Learn Outdoor Cooking

  • Sunday July 28, 2019
12:00-3:00 pm (Sunday)

Brush up on your outdoor cooking skills or learn a new technique. The naturalists will be baking cakes, toasting pudgy pies, and whipping up some other tasty treats. You'll be surprised at how easy cooking in the outdoors can be. We'll also cover fire building/safety....

Step Into the Night Hike

  • Friday August 2, 2019
8:00 - 9:30 p.m. (Friday)

As the sun sets and the light fades from the sky, the day animals retire and a new group of animals awakens. Bring your bug spray and sense of adventure as we explore the darkness for night lights. This night hike is best for families/groups with children at least...

Cardio Kickboxing in the Forest

  • Wednesday August 21, 2019
6:00-7:00 pm (Wednesday)

Practice your boxing punches and martial arts kicks to an aerobic pace. This class will get your heart pumping and your mind working with fun and effective moves. For anyone over 10 years old. Long Lake Recreation Area Picnic Shelter (located off Division Road...

Birds of Prey Drop in at the Beach

  • Sunday September 1, 2019
12:00-3:00 pm (Sunday)

We marvel at hawks, owls, eagles, and falcons soaring overhead. Find out what adaptations make these birds such efficient sky hunters. Everyone is invited to drop in for a few minutes or more than an hour for some nature fun. Adults are encouraged to participate...