Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts

Thelma Sadoff Center for the Arts (THELMA) is a premier venue offering unparalleled access to music, film, classes and art exhibits with a stunning backdrop for corporate meetings, weddings, and other social gatherings.

The cornerstone of the Arts and Entertainment District in Downtown Fond du Lac, THELMA is a regional venue for high-profile concerts, exhibits with prominent artists, and independent films. Impeccable interior design, expanded art classrooms, improved guest amenities and professional service set THELMA apart in the region.

THELMA is an impressive feature in the heart of the city's downtown with majestic pillars, a grand staircase, and the perfect blend of the historic and the modern. Whether it's relaxing or watching a film on the spacious outdoor plaza, or listening to an intimate concert in The Great Hall or a major concert in the street, you will want to visit again and again.

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51 Sheboygan Street, Fond du Lac, WI


Shane Walsh Exhibit

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Saturday, November 4, 2017

Shane Walsh makes paintings that reference digital and analog forms of representation (Photoshop, commercial printing) and combines these with the signs and symbols of 20th century abstraction. He begins by making small-scale collages constructed from photocopied images. These images of shapes and marks are made in response to the history of abstract painting, some are expressive, others graphic or digital. This approach allows him to treat the history of abstraction as a storehouse of moments to copy, paste, and sample from. This cutting, copying and pasting owes as much to punk and hip-hop show posters from his youth as it does to modernist collage traditions. The photocopy also serves as an important metaphor in his work. As images are reproduced over and over they become altered and their visual qualities degraded. The photocopying process echoes how he thinks about abstraction in the way that our understanding of abstract painting becomes altered as it gets transmitted and reproduced through time and culture. Akin to the children's game "telephone", where the original message often emerges drastically altered and distorted by the time it arrives at the last participant. Walsh sees these distortions as something to celebrate and these paintings are his opportunity to playfully re-construct an image of abstraction that feels appropriate to his time and place. Walsh is a Lecturer in Painting and Drawing at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He received his BFA from MIAD and his MFA from the University of Washington in Seattle. Reception Date: September 14. 5 - 8 pm

Don & Eileen Urness Exhibit

Thursday, November 9, 2017 - Saturday, January 6, 2018

Don Urness is a papermaking artist from southeastern Wisconsin. Because of his interest in the environment, Urness began making paper from trash in the 1980s. He uses recycled paper pulp for his art projects which also reflect his interest in light and how it affects nature and objects. Urness has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education from UW-Eau Claire, and a Master's degree in visual studies from Cardinal Stritch in Milwaukee. Although mostly a self-taught artist, Eileen Urness has been surrounded by art and artists most of her adult life. She has explored many areas of art including jewelry, ceramics and painting. Eileen has experimented with epoxy paintings. She found in epoxy a vehicle to represent the kind of depth, layering and color she was in search of. Her technique incorporates elements of collage, paint and raw pigment. Lately Eileen has been experimenting with Millifiori Polymer Eggs. Her technique is largely experimental and self-developed incorporating elements of the millifiori glass technique with polymer clay on eggshells. She has received several awards for her innovative techniques and attention to detail. Reception Date: November 9, 5 - 8 pm