EAA AirVenture Museum

The EAA AirVenture Museum - where your imagination takes flight! With a collection of more than 200 historic airplanes along with world-class galleries and exhibits, the EAA AirVenture Museum is a year-round destination.

Spend time in one of five movie theaters. Witness a piece of history in the Eagle Hangar, a tribute to World War II aviation. And get "hands-on" in KidVenture Gallery, an exciting interactive gallery for kids of all ages! 


3000 Poberezny Road, Oshkosh, WI


  • Family-Friendly
  • On-Site Parking


EAA AirVenture

EAA AirVenture

Monday, July 20, 2020 - Sunday, July 26, 2020

For 51 weeks a year, EAA is an international community of more than 160,000 members that nurtures the spirit of flight through a worldwide network of chapters, outreach programs, and other events. But for one week each summer, EAA members and aviation enthusiasts totaling more than 500,000 from more than 60 countries attend EAA AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, where they rekindle friendships and celebrate the past, present and future in the world of flight. "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration" has it all when it comes to aircraft. Warbirds. Vintage. Homebuilts. Ultralights. Some you would normally find in a hangar at your local airport, others so unique they are the only one of its kind. You name it, there's likely an example of it at Oshkosh. For many, arriving at Oshkosh is a rite of passage that can only be satisfied by being one of the more than 10,000 aircraft flying in, landing at what becomes the busiest airport in the world. Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or an aviation novice, AirVenture has something for you. No matter what your age, you'll be entertained, informed, and thrilled by the countless activities available that reflect the spirit of aviation all around. Daily air shows. Aerobatics and pyrotechnics. Opening Day concert. Fly-In Theater. Forums, workshops, and demonstrations. KidVenture. Theater in the Woods. All of this, plus much, much more is included with your daily admission. Add in the crowd-thrilling, show-stopping Night Air Show on Saturday night, and you have affordable fun for the entire family every day from sun up to well past sun down. There is uniqueness to each AirVenture that keeps lifelong attendees coming back for more. You need to experience it to understand. Experience AirVenture with us. Your spot along the flightline is waiting for you.


The treasure at the end of the rainbow!

EAA AirVenture Museum
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Compass Hill from earlier this evening.

EAA AirVenture Museum
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