Studio 51 Dreamer Boy Book Project

Price: $15

This is an exciting Saturday for Studio 51! Writer and filmmaker John Mitchell makes his way into the picture-book world with his first work in the “Dreamerboy” series.

Join in the fun as John reads his book with a humorous presentation while revealing the fantastic artwork of Marketa Ivanisova. John will engage with answers to questions, and offer up questions for the audience to answer back. It will be an interactive experience to insight the imagination. This class also includes an interactive art project relating to the book!

“Dreamerboy” is meant for ages 6-10, and combines humor, art, and fantasy in a way that encourages children to both think for themselves, and be inspired by the ordinary and the extraordinary. Books will be available for purchase. After, we’ll watch the entire book come to life on screen in HD in the “Dreamerboy” DVD!

Dreamerboy Saturday, March 9 Drop in between 12 pm – 2 pm
$15 per class (non-members) $15 per semester (with a THELMA Single Membership) $30 per semester (with a THELMA Family Membership).

The current semester dates are most Saturdays between January and April.