Open Mic Night

Price: Free Admission!

Annie's Fountain City Cafe presents Open Mic Night- Entertainment for the whole family! Come on down every third Wednesday while you watch some great local talent (or be the talent) from 6:30-8:30 PM. Free Admission! Walk-ins welcome. Food and beverage are available for purchase. Local craft beer, wine, cider, mocktails, and more.

Guidelines for performers:
SLOT TIMES - Each slot is 15 minutes (3 songs). You may sign up for a slot during the event or you may sign up in advance by sending us a message on Facebook. You may play in one or more spots as long as no one else is signed up. Space is limited to 11 acts.
TYPES OF MUSIC - The purpose of this open mic is to provide a space for musicians to perform rehearsed materials for others. all skill levels are encouraged to perform however the performer should be prepared and give serious effort to what they are playing and the performance should be family-friendly without any profanity. The performances should be music related (spoken word, karaoke, and non-music related performances and not allowed).
EQUIPMENT- There will be a PA provided with 2 microphones and an instrument cable hookup. Acoustic performances are preferred, however, if you want to bring your own equipment (amps, pedals, effects, etc...) you will need to set up the equipment before the event starts and take it down after the event ends.
BE SUPPORTIVE - It's inexcusable to put down others because they do not meet your standards. Anyone who disrespects a performer, audience member or a member of staff will be asked to leave.
NO LOITERING - We encourage individuals to watch and support performers, we also encourage you to support Annie's while here. We do not allow loitering.