On [email protected]: Bots, A New Children's Musical

Price: Fee $185 ($148 for THELMA Members)

BOTS! A New Children’s Musical is coming to THELMA this Summer!

THELMA’s arts day camp – On Stage @ THELMA will feature the theatrical adventure “BOTS!” The story tells of a BOTS Robotics Competition where teams and their (singing and dancing) robots are all vying for the top prize! Amidst the coding, building, and fierce competition, two members from rival teams befriend one another and throw everything off-balance. Will their collaborative spirit sabotage their teams’ chances of winning?

This musical invites humans and robots alike to discover the power of technology and teamwork! Fourth through eighth-grade students will learn the lines, the music, the dances, and build the sets in this two-week adventure. Then on the final day, students perform it twice!