June Artist Uncorked featuring Mary Stiltjes

Price: Free Admission!

Our featured artist for the month of June is Mary Stiltjes.

"Some of my first memories, when growing up in Hortonville, WI, were painting on sheets of butcher paper in the make-shift art studio located in the little spice room in the back of my parents' butcher shop. I don't remember a time when I didn't paint!

I'm a Maker, I love to make cool stuff. I will tackle any project, painting, sewing, or carving. But my favorite medium is watercolor paints. I rarely look at any flower or landscape without seeing it as a watercolor painting. I think it's so cool when I use the water from the lake or river I'm painting to wet the paints and make the pigments flow across the paper. I think it gives my paintings spirit. Plain and simple, painting makes me happy. Really happy. And I hope you enjoy the happiness and spirit in my paintings. I currently live in Dale and have a REAL art studio in our home. Check out my Facebook Art by Mary Stiltjes."

Stop by the winery in the month of June and check out Mary's beautiful pieces!