Denise Presnell: The Sweet Spot Between Chaos and Control

Price: Free Admission!

“I am a painter/mixed media/pastel artist living and working in western Wisconsin. My work is driven by an intuitive desire to explore a personal archeology. Shapes and marks unite to display a map of my creative process. The tools and mediums I use to explore this imagery are also intuitively chosen for their unique effect on the composition. The range of mediums I use is vast and includes oil, pastel, acrylic, cold wax, charcoal, graphite, oil pigment sticks, color pencil, and iridescent powders on paper, canvas, and panel. My artist tools include traditional brushes, shape makers, palette knives, squeegees, and odds and ends of packing materials, cups – you name it. If an object looks like it will create a unique effect or texture while transferring paint onto a surface – I’ll try it."

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Monday: 10 – 5 pm
Tuesday: 10 – 5 pm
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