April Artist Uncorked featuring Joann Mariahazy

Price: Free Admission!

Our featured artist for the month of April is ART by Joann, Joann Mariahazy. Stop by Vines & Rushes Winery, grab a glass of wine and admire Joann's pieces.

Joann's bio: "As a Printmaker, I am trained and appreciate the many different forms of creating hand-pulled prints, from relief printing (linoleum and woodcuts), intaglio (etching a metal plate, normally copper or zinc), to lithography (also etching yet on a Bavarian limestone), and serigraphy (screen printing). Each of these different forms of printing requires different skill sets, from envisioning the finished image in reverse (relief, intaglio, lithography) to working with a wide range of inks and inking methods, etching chemicals, and etching processes. I most enjoy serigraphy because of the way the inks dry quickly allowing for many layers of colors to be pulled in a short period of time. Also, serigraphy is a direct image meaning it is not created in reverse. As an artist, I feel the need to create images to invoke ideas - symbols, motion, colors all affect the viewer. I was taught at a pretty young age (pre-teen) that if a shape has only one color or tone it is a flat (2D) shape. Shadows, highlights - those make a difference. A few of the ideas that you will find re-occurring in my work is that our hearts are the center of our knowledge, our brains are our center of intelligence, and our guts are our center of the action. The Heart-Brain-Gut connection is important. I believe my heart knows what is right. I understand that my brain will figure out logistics. I trust my gut to push me into action.”