Covid 19 Update

As businesses reopen around the Lake Winnebago Region area, we are grateful for the thoughtful measures they are taking to open in a safe, healthy and sanitary manner. Their precautions help protect both customers and employees so we all can enjoy visiting them once again. Please help us thank them by continuing to support our local businesses responsibly and thoughtfully. Here are a few things we ask you to remember:

  • - As businesses open, they may operate a little differently. Please be understanding.
  • - Each business may have its own rules for social distancing and safety measures. Please be respectful and follow them.
  • - Many businesses have been closed for several months. Please remember they need to replenish inventory and re-train staff.
  • - Businesses may not be able to operate at full capacity right away. Please be flexible if they can't accommodate you immediately.
  • - Some businesses may not be ready to open yet. Please allow them time to put health and safety measures in place.
  • - Service may be a little slower until businesses ramp up their staffing. Please be patient with employees and other customers.
  • - Social distancing is still necessary to get through this. Please practice it both inside and out.

Our local businesses are excited to welcome you back and return to doing what they love. Let's work together to support them and one another.

Stay safe. Social distance. We're all in this together.

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