Fall Fest

Price: $5 carload

Family activities and crafts, Eat Wild Challenge, scarecrow making, sock puppet making, mud pie decorating contest, leaf painting, grocery sack printing, origami, mask making, walking stick making, paper crafts, cap making , cider pressing, apple butter making, find the worm game, honey extracting. These will all be run throughout the day at different stations. Each station will be supported by a volunteer from the Friends of Ledge View Nature Center to assist children in their projects. Scheduled events: 11:30am and 3pm Candle Cave Walk Experience the caves as people did 200 years ago, walking with a candle. Must be able to use stairs & ladders (no crawling involved). Minors must be accompanied by an adult. 1-2pm Bay Beach Live Animal Program 2:30 Cave Tour for Small Children (3 years and up). Introduces young children to the cave environment. Must be accompanied by an adult and be able to use stairs and ladder with supervision. Brats, burgers, soda, beer, ice-cream, root beer floats will be available for refreshments.